We strongly believe that children are capable of learning a wide variety of concepts, both simple and complex. The Academy offers a curriculum that provides structure to learn necessary literacy and language skills, as well as the flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing interests of our young learners.

We believe the best education for a child involves parents, teachers and children cultivating close and meaningful relationships. This is why we encourage parents to communicate freely with us regarding the wants and needs of their child.

From the moment children enter primary school, to the time they graduate university, students are channeling their energy and interests into specific fields of study. This is what makes the years in early education so valuable to a child; it’s the only time they can learn about the world in a holistic way without having to narrow their interests. We also provide a strong foundation in basic spelling, reading and numeracy skills that are vital to their early school years. All of this is done in an environment that sees learning as a journey to be valued and enjoyed.

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