The School

The Academy is situated along the relaxing waterfront of Prague’s Holešovice district. The 200m2 building is newly renovated yet retains its historical facade. We are proud to have opened our school in a building that embodies Prague’s rich history. Our coat room includes individual lockers and a comfortable seating area for waiting parents.

The ground floor boasts a classroom and playroom for our 3 to 4.5 year-old students. The playroom is filled with a wide variety of toys, puzzles and a kitchen and shop, which are very popular with the kids. The adjoining kitchen and dining room is designed to make both snack and lunch time an enjoyable experience.

The upper floor has a classroom and play area for our 4.5 to 6 year-old students. The play area boasts a ball pit and slide, lots of room for the kids to move around and a designated learning space for lessons. We provide a quiet area upstairs for our afternoon sleepers. A clean, child-friendly bathroom is also located on the upper floor.

We provide a secure, spacious outdoor playground with a range of equipment and toys for the children’s enjoyment.

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