Weekly Schedule and Special Activities

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Special Activities

The Academy at Marina offers a program of special activities including:

  • Yoga – These 45-minute classes are held once every two weeks at our school. The classes are taught by a certified instructor, Jitka Janešová.
  • Dance – Every 2nd week, we spend part of our afternoon moving and dancing to different songs and videos in both structured and free movement exercises. This is an incredibly popular activity that the children look forward to consistently.
  • Drumming with Papis –  Once a week, professional percussionist, Papis Nyass, visits our school and teaches the children drumming and rhythm. Learn a little more about Papis here: http://www.afro-drum-dance.cz/papis-nyass.html
  • Cooking – Food experimentation is always a popular activity with children and we enjoy creating fun, healthy, edible art every week
  • Music – Music plays a significant role in our lives. It helps us cope with the stresses of the day and is a healthy outlet to express emotions. We start every day singing our favorite songs and once a week learn about the music of different genres, cultures, and the many ways in which it shapes our world.
  • Arts and Crafts – In addition to the daily morning art activities, the children will spend an afternoon making arts and crafts projects using various art techniques and materials.
  • Fitness – Every week we visit a local gym and engage in physical fitness activities and games using mats, balls, bean bags, gymnastic equipment, jump ropes, and much more. It is a great opportunity to introduce the children to fitness and the importance of exercise in a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Science – Every week we take the opportunity to explore the wonders of science; observing our world and seeking answers to everyday mysteries through observation and experiments.

See our Special Activities

We take every opportunity to venture beyond the walls of the school to places like the Zoo, Art and Science Exhibitions, Museums, local parks, and other places of interest.

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